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Voice Recognition



Welcome coaches! Below you will find more information that may be helpful to you as you prepare to come to Montezuma on February 24th! If you have additional questions, please reach out to Liesl Roorda ([email protected]) and Earlene Taylor ([email protected]).

The schedule will be posted on our contest website-please see the link to the right.
We will work to keep everything running as efficiently as possible-with your help. Please encourage performers and spectators to arrive at their center early, have all materials ready to go, and move in and out of rooms quickly.

Here is the change form for any changes to entries that need to be made. You MUST SUBMIT THIS ON-LINE. If you do this before the day of contest, it would be helpful if you sent us an email, letting us know of the change so we are sure to see and not it in our schedule.

Please let us know of any last minute ones, including all drops, when you check in on the morning of contest as we will need to let our room chairs know of changes. You will still need to fill out the change form on-line on the day of contest so it automatically goes to the computer schedule program.

If you are a seasoned coach, this form takes the place of the white substitution card.

Check-in, Check-out
When you arrive on the day of the contest, please check in at the contest office. This will be located in the main office, which is in the middle of the two story portion of our school. If you enter from either the north or south, walk down the main hallway and you will come to the main office. This will also be the location of our contest headquarters and tab room should any concerns or celebrations arise. Don't forget to collect your comment sheets at the end of the day.

Comment Sheets
You will need ONE COMMENT SHEET for each performance. You may purchase an extra for $.25 in the contest office if you forget or lose yours.

Performance Rights
Make sure you have secured all performance rights for all performance pieces and music.

Please remind all spectators and parents that photography and videotaping during performance is STRICTLY PROHIBITED unless the the individual has obtained permission from the state office. They must bring documentation of this permission with them.

Student Areas
Students will be able to "camp out" in the North gym at the north end of the building. The area outside of the Central gym and part of the Central gym will be used for concessions area.

We take pride in our facilities, please encourage your students to respect our property. See that students pick-up after themselves and clean their camp area before leaving the day. We appreciate your cooperation in this.

Concessions will be open in the hall outside of the Central gym from the morning until the early afternoon. Please see our concessions page-link to the right-for more information.

Ratings will be posted in the North gym.

Performance Etiquette
Please review performance and hallway etiquette with your students and spectators. We want every student to have the opportunity to give their best performance and not be distracted by ringing cell phones or noisy hallways.

We have several centers located in one building-please remember to remind everyone to be as quiet as possible in the halls

Remind parents and spectators to arrive early. Centers can run ahead and sometimes there are dropped entries at districts. Once the door closes, it will not be opened until the conclusion of the performance.

Please remind all spectators and parents that they should not wear school-identifying clothing. Additionally, a parent or spectator should never approach a judge for any reason. If the parent or spectator has an issue, please have them speak to you, and then you can bring the concern to the front office where the contest manager and district officer will handle the situation.

The IHSSA suggests a donation of $3.00 per spectator for admission. The two entrances are located on the south and north sides of the building. Please notify your spectators accordingly. We will not using the circle drive entrance as an entrance on contest day.

There will be a nurse on site for the entire contest day, located in the office. If it is an emergency, please do not hesitate to call 911 and then notify our nurse AND contest manager at 641-891-4737.
Call 911 first in the event of an emergency.

Hospitality for Drivers
A classroom in between the two gyms will serve as the hospitality area for drivers. Please look for signage on the door. Light refreshments will be available.

Weather-related issues will be posted on our website, IHSSA's website, and sent via email. In the event of weather events, we will first delay, then postpone to Wednesday, February 28th.

Additional Information
  • Judging Ballots
    • Be sure to bring a judges ballot for each performer. You can find the forms you need to download from the IHSSA at These can be found for each individual category under Contests, Individual Events, Comment Sheets.
  • Individual Events Allowing Technology
    • Be sure to bring your own equipment for performances. Although we will provide a cart that you may use to transport your own equipment, we will only provide a white board for video performance. As per the IHSSA Constitution, each school is responsible for bringing the appropriate gear (laptop, projector, cd player, speakers, etc.) to play any supplemental material like in Expository Address. Contact Liesl for more information.
  • Chairs for Musical Theater
    • We learned the following information at the Coaches' Convention: For safety purposes, you may bring your own chair for Musical Theater. We will provide a sturdy chair in the performance center, and we encourage you to use it.
  • What's My School Number?
    • The IHSSA does not send out school numbers, but you can figure yours out by looking at the schedule. When the schedule is available, look for the title of one of your events in the schedule, and then see which number or letters correspond to that title.
    • Is there another school performing your piece? Just look for an additional event and match your number.
    • Still confused? Contact Liesl.
  • Pawsitively Exciting!
    • We're excited to have our therapy dog, Hazel, join us for contest, barring anything unforeseen. We encourage you to interact as you feel comfortable.
  • Keep in Touch
    • If you have not already done so, please email Liesl ([email protected]) with "Coach of (school name)" in the subject line so that we will have your email address.
    • Please also include your cell phone number in case we need to contact you on the day of contest.
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