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Classroom Snacks

Classroom Snacks

These changes focus on district wide health initiatives, including:

  • providing access to healthy nutritional food and beverage options for all activities within the school day.

  • fostering daily physical activity that embraces a healthy lifestyle.

Montezuma School is considered a Peanut Aware School.  This means that your child can pack a sack lunch with peanut butter items.  The breakfast and lunch program will remain peanut free. Ala Carte’ items for grades 6-12 only may offer peanut butter items.  


Snack Lists

If you are interested in purchasing snacks from school to be shared as a birthday celebration or for other events, please reference the following list.  The first list references items that you can purchase from school. The second list suggests items you may consider purchasing from the grocery store and bringing to school.  These lists are not required for a student’s personal lunch or snack. Note that parents may not bake snack items at home and send to school with their child.  

Snack List & Order Form: Items Purchased Through Montezuma School

Snack List: Items Purchased in Stores

Snack List FAQs

Can I bring homemade treats from home for a classroom party?
No. Choose snack items from one of the district snack lists for activities during the school day and up to 30 minutes after the last bell.

What about pre-packed treats from a store?
If you select from one of the items listed on the store-bought snack list, you can bring a classroom treat that was purchased from a store. To find either the Montezuma school snack list or snack list for items purchased in a store, go to.


Can I still pack whatever I want in my student’s sack lunch from home?
Yes. Under the new student wellness policy, packing a healthy school lunch is encouraged, but there are no restrictions as to what you must pack in a student’s lunch brought from home. This policy only regulates what can be sold or shared with multiple students during the school day.

Do I have to purchase a snack for my student that is on the approved snack list?
No. Students can bring their own individual snack, and it does not have to be on the list of approved snacks. The approved snack list is for snacks that will be shared with other students, such as classroom parties, birthday treats, or other events.

Why are some items on the school catered snack list but not on the store bought list to purchase?
Products must meet the “smart snack” criteria. Some retail products do not meet the guidelines, but the school-catered product ingredients have been changed to meet those guidelines. One example is Rice Krispies treats. At the store, Rice Krispies treats are not made from whole grain and reduced sugar, but the ones available to purchase through Montezuma catering are made with those ingredients. To review smart snack guidelines, please visit

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