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Montezuma School History

      The first school in Montezuma, started in 1849 a year after the town was founded. The log cabin that served as the school was built by a small bit of public funds. An early pioneer, Miss Barber taught students out of her home. Starting in 1852, there were classes added in the first floor courtroom of the old Montezuma courthouse, where the Montezuma United Methodist Church now stands.

       In 1859 it was voted unanimously to build a new public schoolhouse at 504 East Dallas St, which is 1 block south and 2 blocks east of the square. After 19 years at that site, a bond for just $10,000 was passed to build a new school at 103 West Liberty St which is now the Crow Shooting Supply, formerly known as the Brownells warehouse. This was the Garfield School, which cost a total of $12,000. This school housed the first graduating class of Montezuma Schools in 1884, with a total of six students graduating.

      By 1893, there was an entire new school being built, which was located at 405-7 South Fourth St. With additions throughout the years, this school served Montezuma until 1929. Construction started in 1928 on once again another new school. Spending $130,304 the new school was built. It still serves Montezuma today and has since been renovated. In 1958 a bond issue for $556,000 was passed and the new high school was added on to the school. It was completed by Fall of the following year, consisting of 30 acres, 43 classrooms, 2 gyms and 12 buses. 

With many revisions and expansions throughout the next 60 years, Montezuma Community Schools sits as it is today. Now in the 2017-2018 school year we have enrollment numbers just below 600 total. Our small town has changed dramatically in the 170 years since its foundation, but the school has always been a place of pride and accomplishment for our community.

-Montezuma High School, 1909 

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