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For Spectators/Students

Welcome to Montezuma High School!


We are very happy to be hosting one of the Iowa High School Speech Association’s District Large Group Speech Contests.  We hope you find your time spent here at Montezuma pleasant and entertaining.  We are a Pre-K through 12 building and performance centers will be throughout our three connected buildings.  If you should need assistance, you can stop at one of the entrance tables or the main office, located in the first floor main hallway of the 2 story building on our campus.

Please enter our building through one of the two main entrances located on the south side or north side of our campus.  These two sets of doors are the only ones that will be unlocked and accessible.  Remember when you enter, you will be encouraged to make your $3.00 donationAll other high school activities charge for spectating and the Iowa High School Speech Association believes we have a quality product that is worth paying to see.  Coaches and students who will be performing do not pay this fee.  This is only for spectators.  

The student gathering area is the north high school gym.  We are very proud to have this new facility and ask that you assist us in keeping it looking great.  Please be careful when moving and setting props on the court.  It would be wonderful if most props could be set around the outside, but that may not be totally possible.  We hope that you will respectfully treat our facilities.  

Please remember to keep the hallways and areas around performance centers quiet.  We all know how easy it is for the noise level to rise and then interfere with a performance in session.  We count on everyone to help us keep the noise levels low.  

We will have a variety of breakfast and lunch items available.  We encourage you to eat with us.  Our Fine Arts Boosters are working hard to make our concessions varied and delicious and our speech programs benefit directly from this activity.

Concessions will be available in the hallway area outside the middle high school gym, just down from the north gym.  There will be tables for eating in the middle gym.  Please do not use this gym as your school gathering area but keep your props, clothing, items and students in the north gym.  

There will be centers down one hallway beside the middle gym so please watch your noise levels when in the halls.  The same is true for the one act play center.  It is surrounded on two sides by main traffic hallways.  Please remember to keep quiet whenever walking and gathering outside any of the centers.  

We will post this schedule to the website as soon as we receive it.  We will have a few printed schedules available for a small fee at the entrance tables.   

All results will be posted in the north high school gym.  Please remember that even when we don’t care for a judge’s opinion and rating, we need to respect that and move on.  Please do not approach or attempt to have conversation about a performance or rating with a judge.   

We look forward to seeing you on January 25.

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