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Montezuma Extended Learning Program (ELP)/Sprint


Gifted learners will find purpose and enjoyment within the practices of critical thinking and problem solving through academic, creative, service, and leadership opportunities in and out of the classroom.


The mission of the Montezuma Community School District is to provide all students opportunities to grow academically and socially to meet their full potential. Montezuma Community School District believes it is essential for all students to grow as citizens who can meet the challenges of our changing society and world.

The school board recognizes that some students possess the ability to perform at advanced academic or creative levels. Students in the Montezuma Community School District will be identified for Extended Learning Program by using multiple measures assessing academic ability, creativity, and leadership potential. It is essential to provide opportunities for students to develop their talents, abilities, and interests while becoming life-long, independent learners who demonstrate 21st century skills. Extended learning students will be instructed in the general classroom setting with differentiated instruction. They will receive specialized instruction and opportunities provided by the ELP teacher where they can explore, create, and learn based on their intellectual needs while receiving guidance on unique social and emotional needs of high achieving learners.


Every child has a right to learn everyday in every classroom.

Identification Process

Montezuma Community School District uses multiple criteria to determine students in need of additional enrichment through our Extended Learning Program (Sprint). The following criteria are examined:

  • Achievement Data (MAP and Iowa Assessments)

  • Classroom Data-Wonders assessments, EM4 assessments, etc.

  • Classroom Daily Work and/or Projects (collection of student artifacts and/or work portfolio)

  • Teacher Recommendation and examples of classroom differentiation

  • Student and/or parent surveys

*Students can be nominated by teachers, parents, and/or him/herself at anytime to participate in enrichment opportunities. Contact the ELP (Sprint) teacher for forms.

Grade K-1 Enrichment

In collaboration with classroom teachers, the ELP/Sprint teacher will assist in providing resources and activities that stretch the thinking of high achieving students as appropriate and necessary. Students’ needs will be met within the classroom by the classroom teacher or a collaborative approach between the classroom teacher and ELP/Sprint teacher (no pull-out).

Grade 2-3 Enrichment

In grades 2-3, the ELP teacher may provide enrichment opportunities and/or support to students who are performing at high levels of academic achievement and classroom teachers in the following ways:

  • Fluid and flexible small groups based on identified student needs

  • Collaboration with classroom teachers on lessons and activities to meet the needs of high-level learners in the classroom

  • Co-teaching with classroom and ELP teacher

  • Whole group enrichment activities

Grade 4-6 Extended Learning Program (Sprint)

Students who are identified for targeted extended learning opportunities will meet for small group enrichment as part of our pull-out program with our ELP teacher. The ELP teacher will also collaborate with grade level teachers to support differentiated learning as necessary. Students in grades 4-6 will be grouped flexibly based upon classroom assessments, daily work, teacher observation/recommendation, and standardized assessments. Groups of students may change based upon the skill focus (math, reading, science, writing, creative thinking, problem solving, service learning, etc.) during the pull-out time.

Grade 7-8 Extended Learning Program (Sprint)

The ELP teacher provides opportunities for students based on their needs, talents/abilities, and/or interests. Students are encouraged to explore areas of talent or interest through independent study, service learning, job shadowing, mentoring, competitions and clubs. The participation criteria used will be classroom performance (assessments, daily work, standardized assessments), teacher recommendation, and interest. Students are involved in a variety of STEM projects and activities during the year.

Grade 9-12 Extended Learning Program (Sprint)

Students are encouraged to work with the ELP teacher while taking online courses, coordinate mentoring opportunities, job shadowing, independent interest projects, and/or receive guidance with college/career planning.

Beginning in 10th grade, ELP students are given the opportunity to begin taking college courses online.

Enrichment Opportunities for all students at Montezuma Community Schools:

Elementary Battle of the Books (Grades 4-6)

Middle School Battle of the Books (Grades 7-8)

Elementary Math Olympiads (Grades 4-6)

Middle School Math Olympiads (Grades 7-8)

First Lego League/Robotics (Grades 5-8)

Middle School Mock Trial (Grades 7-8) Fall

Elementary Yearbook (Grades 7-8)

3D printing

Independent Study

Elementary and Middle School Annual Science Fair - Spring
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