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Special Education Delivery Plan
Montezuma Community School District has reviewed our Special Education Delivery Plan.  The review committee involved members of the community, staff members, and members of Central Rivers AEA.  During our review the committee addressed the following questions:

1.  What process was used to develop the special education delivery system for eligible students?
2.  How will services be organized and provided to eligible students?
3.  How will the caseloads of special education teachers be delivered and regularly monitored?

The next phase of the review involves community feedback.  With that in mind feedback to committee will be accepted for the next thirty days.  At that point the committee will reconvene to consider information from the review before sending it to Central Rivers AEA for approval.  Once approval has been given by our AEA the plan will be forwarded to the Montezuma School Board for final approval.

All feedback to the committee can be sent to Mr. Jones or Mr. Moretz prior to our next meeting.
Read the Special Education Instructional Services Delivery System.

Thank you for your time,

Montezuma Special Education Review Team