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Summer Renovations
The Montezuma School Board has approved two renovation project starting this week. The first project is the replacement of the windows of the original school building. The current windows are leaking when it rains and we want to prevent damage to the interior of the school building. We are going to replace all of the windows in the original part of the building over the next three years. When the windows are all replaced then we will tuckpoint that area to make sure everything is sealed properly. The window project will be completed before school starts. The second project involves the renovation of the south gym/auditorium. We are no longer going to use this space for any gymnasium activities. We are going to install a new rigging system and curtains. New general lighting, as well as new theatrical lighting, will be installed as well as a new audio system. We will construct an extension to the stage onto the current gym floor which will almost double the size of the stage. There will also be an addition to the current control room in the top and back of the seating area. We will paint the entire space and refinish the floor. We are very excited about this project and will have a very good fine arts space when the project is completed in early October. 
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