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Entrepreneurship – 1 Semester – 1 Credit – Grades: 9-10

Have you ever considered going into business for yourself? Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management is designed to provide students with the information and skills that lead to successful management or ownership. Students will develop the appreciation for the realities of business, and will help students understand their role as a consumer. This course will explore the steps and process to become a successful business owner. Students will create and design their own business plan along with participating in a computer business simulation.

Leadership – 1 Semester – 1 Credit – Grades: 11-12 and 10th grade with permission

The main objective of this course is to improve character and leadership traits by developing critical thinking and emphasizing positive changes in attitude. To accomplish this objective, students will complete readings about positive role models each week, successful community leaders will speak to the class about their achievements, failures, and life lessons, and students will be given different opportunities to apply the concepts of the course to their personal lives, academic and future goals.

Web Page Design – 1 Semester – 1 Credit – Grades: 10-12

In Web Design, students will get a real-life taste of the process of designing a web page. We will be using the software program Dreamweaver and Google Sites to learn how we create and design a web site that meets a business’s needs and demands. Semester will culminate with a Simulation where students will create a web-site for 3 different companies based on their expectations.

Business Law:-1 Semester-1 Credit-Grades: 11-12
This one-semester course introduces students to the laws that affect business and their daily lives. Included are reviews of the Constitution and our legal system, ethics, law for minors, crimes, torts, contracts, employment, warranties, and consumer protection laws. Current and landmark cases, as well as legal professionals, are used in the study of business and personal law.

Web Design II - 1 Semester – 1 Credit – Grades: 11-12

In Web Design II, students will work independently on planning, creating and updating the Montezuma School District Website. The students will use a web-based program to get real-life experience in Web Design. This will be an independent study class set-up.

Pre-Requisite: Web Design 1 (or proven similar skill set)

Sports Marketing – 1 Semester – 1 Credit – Grades: 10-12

In Sports Marketing, students will get a first-hand experience of the workings of building and maintaining a sports franchise. This class will focus primarily on the basics of marketing and promotion as students will create an advertising campaign. Students will get a chance to use their knowledge to successful build their own sports franchise using Virtual Business to culminate the semester.

Pre-Requisite: Entrepreneurship

Business and Personal Marketing – 1 Semester – 1 Credit – Grades: 11-12

Business and Personal Marketing is for students interested in business/marketing careers. Students develop a solid understanding of the marketing concept through a promotional plan and marketing research report. In addition students develop job getting skills during the personal marketing component to ensure success in the pursuit of a job/career of their choice.

Personal Finance – 1 Semester – 1 Credit – Grades: 12

Personal Finance provides students with financial consumer skills that are needed in everyday life. Units include Budgeting, Savings, Investments Options, Wealth Building, College Savings, Dangers of Debt, Taxes and Insurance. Guest speakers will help connect students with professionals in various areas of money management. This class is beneficial for all students in making future personal financial decisions.

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