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NAIA (National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics)
NAIA Information (NAIA Homepage)


  • Students who are interested in playing for a NAIA school, what do they need to do?
  • What are the steps to ensure eligibility? The Big 3
    1. Submit your profile
    2. Send all Required Records
      • Transcript
      • Test Scores (ACT/SAT)
      • Class Rank 
    3. Secure a spot on the Short list
      • First time college students: if there is no break between high school graduation and enrollment into NAIA college, this is not a requirement
      • Transfer students: if there is a break between high school graduation and enrollment into NAIA college, being on the short list is required 
NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association)


  • Students who are interested in playing for a NCAA school, what do they do? 
  • What are the initial steps to increase ones eligibility?
    •  9th Grade-Take the right courses-see what courses your school offers that are NCAA approved-& sign up for a free NCAA profile.
    • 10th Grade- If you fall behind academically, get help finding other NCAA approved courses &, if you're thinking seriously about playing for a Division level college, register for a profile page or certification account.
    • 11th Grade-Double check your transcripts so you can make sure you're on track with your NCAA approved courses and  to graduate, submit your ACT scores, and at the end of the year get your transcript uploaded to the NCAA Eligibility Center.
    • 12th Grade-take the last of your NCAA approved courses, submit any additional ACT scores, after graduation get your final official transcript uploaded to the Eligibility Center and, if your Division I or II, request your final amateurism certification.
NJCAA (National Junior College Athletic Association)
Below is some information on the National Junior College Athletic Assocation (NJCAA).
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