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Cross country means family and family means no one gets left behind

Cross country isn’t what you think it is. A lot of people believe it is a very tiresome, boring, and exhausting after-school sport, but it’s much more than that. Cross Country is about being part of a family and feeling accomplished after you are done running. It’s about improving your health and getting faster and going further the more you run. The most important part though is being a part of the cross country family. We are always looking out for one another and keep pushing each other to get better, to keep going and not give up. I joined cross country earlier in September. I joined because Mr Hoffman suggested I should join because the boys needed one more teammate to score points. He told my fellow yearbook staff about it and they all believed I should do it, so I tried it out. 

At first I thought it was going to be tough due to my lack of running experience, also I’m not really an “outdoors” kind of person. I was also worried about my asthma, and how that would go. But, ultimately, you don’t know how something will go until you try it. The first day was a bit nerve racking. It started out like any other with some stretches at the beginning and then going for a run. Shortly into the run, I became out of breath quickly, but I pushed the pain to the side and kept going and giving it my best, trying to improve and make it to the end. At the end of the run, we did some weightlifting and then we went to have a team meal and relax. I felt like I had accomplished a lot that day and it was also the best I have felt in a very long time. With the experience I have had, cross country is a sport that I am proud to be a part of along with the people in it and even though it’s tough and it will take some time for me, I am not ready to give up and hope that myself and the rest of my team have a good season.

By Dillon Nash

Strong start for the Dance Team

The dance team has had four performances so far this year. They performed at football games and pep rallies. One of the songs they dance too is called “Break a Sweat.” Some of the dance team members shared their experiences from the season so far.

Kaleah Shoemaker comments on their first performance this season, “I thought it was good and very clean. We could clean up the formations and get them on time to make it even better. I think I have gotten stronger during the pom routine and the motions.”

Katie Reynolds comments on their second performance this season, “I think that it went very well and it was a fun routine. I think that poms is a crow favorite as well as myself. I think that there is room for improvement but it was a very good second performance of the season.”

Overall, there is lots of potential for this year’s dance time and all team members are excited to see it unfold!

By Maddy Carl

Homecoming Recap

Monday, by Maddy McKeag

Homecoming was a week full of fun games, laughs, and school spirit, and it was all kicked off on Monday, September 16. The theme of the day was PJ day, so all the students dressed in their pajamas. When talking with sophomore Beka Teumer, she expressed great joy when wearing her pjs, and she said “Dressing up in my PJs makes me feel so supported by the school, because Mondays are hard.”

The 2019 homecoming court was also announced on Monday. The couples were Chloe Latcham and Caymen DeJong, Shelby Conger and Ben Jorgenson, Maddy McKeag and Brody Chidester, Waverly Roorda and Gabe Davis, Rachel Teumer and Zach Templeton, and Carissa Van Zee and Brayden Arendt. At the afternoon pep rally, the court was asked to play “Chicken on a Henhouse”, and the winners were Shelby and Ben. Following the court game, the student council set up the first of many games to come. Throughout the week, the grades competed in different activities for points. On Monday, they all competed in tug-o-war. The seniors took the win in tug-o-war followed by the sophomores, then juniors, and the freshmen got last. The seniors also got first in the window decorating contest to put them in overall first place with class points to start the week. 

Monday night the Bravettes volleyball team geared up to play Colfax-Mingo in their home opener for the season. They played three sets, and won all three. The student section dressed up as VSCO girls to support the bravettes to a victory. 

Tuesday, by Kaleah Shoemaker

On Tuesday, everyone dressed up as a character from a movie of their choice. We had everyone from Buddy the Elf to the cast of Grease. Dress-Up days mean a lot to the student body because it keeps the spirit at an all time high. Freshman Annita Denny said dress up days are a good way to bond with some of your best friends and not get judged for it. It’s important that no matter what, we support each other during school and especially during homecoming week. 

Homecoming games are another Montezuma tradition. They help everyone in the school come together to get points for their class and try and win homecoming. This gets everyone from football players to the band and choir members to come together as one. On Tuesday the games were egg roulette, food relay, and the plunger drag relay. Egg roulette is a game where the grades are in four teams with a carton of hard boiled eggs and one uncooked eggs in between them. Then they hit them on their forehead and if the get the uncooked egg they lose. The freshman pulled off their first win of the week in egg roulette. 

The food race is a classic crowd favorite; the seniors, juniors, sophomores, and freshmen compete against each other race across the gym to a table with obscure foods awaiting the competitors. The food race has always been a favorite, because it’s interesting to watch people run across the gym and try and eat food as fast as they can. The seniors took home another win during the food relay thanks to Isaiah’s expert ability in devouring starbursts. 

Yet again, it was a fantastic day of homecoming fun.

Wednesday, by Annita Denny

Wednesday was “decades day” and students were encouraged to choose a decade and dress to impress. Many students participated and had some great costumes. The other big showcase was the kickball tournament against classes. Unfortunately for the seniors, the juniors took the win this year, putting seniors in second, sophomores in third and freshmen in fourth. Each game was only 15 minutes which added to the stress of trying to win. Aislyn Hutchcraft (freshman) share that she wasn’t too worried about the results, but hopeful that her classmates could pull through and place higher than 4th. As the games carried on, many could tell that juniors had a little more competitive spirit than the seniors. Kaleah Shoemaker (sophomores) was disappointed that her classmates didn’t place higher, but still says she had a lot of fun! And everyone will agree with her that Wednesday was indeed a very great day to add to the week.

Thursday, by Rebeka Teumer

Throwback Thursday was a day full of excitement for the students at Montezuma High School. Students got to “Throw it Back” by dressing up in clothes from their past. The advisor games for the day were hungry hungry hippos, musical chairs, and hula hoop hop. After adding up all of the points from this week, the seniors finished in first place with 1,200 points, the juniors followed close behind with 1,125, the sophomores finished in 3rd place with 675 points, and the freshman ended this week with a total of 500 points. After school, students and community members gathered for the annual “Braves Night”. Together they enjoyed a meal, provided by the girls’ basketball team, and witnessed the coronation of our 2019 Homecoming King and Queen, Waverly Roorda and Zach Templeton. The royalty commented on the experiencing, Waverly sharing, “any one of us could have gotten queen. Everyone of the girls deserve it. I am honored to be chosen to represent Monte during this years homecoming. ” And Zach follows with, “I was shocked to find out that I was picked to me to be king. It is an honor.”

Friday, by Aislyn Hutchcraft

The final day of homecoming week always creeps up on us, but man, it was one fun, crazy, and amazing week! Friday was an astounding day, people went all out to show their pride for their school and everybody was so pumped for the football game that night. We had many fun things to do over the week including advisor games like tug of war, kickball, musical chairs, hulahop, and many more. There were also many different activities that you could go to support your school and classmates like the lip sync, Braves night,  and volleyball games.

But Friday is the last and best day of homecoming week. The seniors dominated and won homecoming week, but only by 75 points with juniors hot on their heels all week long. Everyone enjoyed the parade, home football game and the Hoco dance with a very delicious grilled cheese bar. Friday was your last day to dress up for homecoming week, sporting blue and white all day in support of the football team. The pep assembly helped everyone get pumped up for the big game and reminded us of our Monte Pride. The football game was against WACO and we kicked some tail that night and won 62-57. Kaleah Shoemaker (Sophomore) was cheerleading on the sidelines, she shares, “It was exciting! We are so proud of the guys for their win and another victory in the books and what a sound to hear them ring that victory bell!” It was an amazing week with many memories, and a great game to cap it all off.

Mass Chaos to Order

To many, homecoming goes by as fast as a snap of your fingers. But for our student council, it feels like the longest week of the entire year. Beka Teumer states that, “Homecoming is overwhelming, long and rewarding all at once.” While there are many people and clubs who help with the daunting task of homecoming, there is one person who heads the planning of homecoming and she is Ms.Taylor. I recently spoke to her about the week. She is the student council advisor and has the arduous task of helping the student council make homecoming happen. She spends countless hours prepping with her council members for homecoming week. Some of the most rewarding things about homecoming for Ms.Taylor are the planning sessions, advisor games, and, in her words, “the end.” Regarding the planning sessions with her counsel kids, she said, “It is fun to see and hear all of their ideas and the excitement they have for homecoming week.” Taylor also exclaimed that “She liked how each grade came together to compete in Advisors’ games through the week!” And her personal favorite part of homecoming is the end. She said, “At the end of homecoming, I can finally breathe a sigh of relief knowing I helped plan and make one of the biggest weeks of the school year happen.” This year was one of the council's most prepared years. Next year, they hope to have more planned ahead of time to make planning easier for everybody and so that there is not such a time crunch.

By Gavin Tindle

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